#13 The 'Be Tender' Issue – Confidence Man


For the final cover of BRICKS #13 The ‘Be Tender’ Issue, we enter the wacky & wonderful world of Confidence Man

The ‘Be Tender’ Issue explores love, friendship, creative collaboration and the need for compassion. As the world turns increasingly hostile, we believe it's imperative to focus on the creators and creativity inspiring kindness, empathy and unity.

Inside the issue, Chloe Grace Laws examines the embarrassment of sharing your work online, Madeline Reid uncovers why kindness is taking centre-stage at Copenhagen Fashion Week, and Prishita Maheshwari-Aplin investigates the hypocrisy of creative and community care organisations and their lack of solidarity with Palestinians. Plus, there's a takeover from the new artists of Hysterical and interviews with sculptor Leo Costelloe, musician Declan McKenna, author Jason Okundaye, photographers Sian Davey and Ezekiel, and Courrèges Artistic Director Nicolas Di Felice.

Additionally, you can enjoy the Amanda Lepore BRICKS cover as a limited-edition A2 double sided poster, exclusive to the BRICKS shop.

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Cover shot by Michelle Hèlena Janssen